I’ve been rather neglecting this blog, having been busy with other things.

The singer Johnny Flynn has said that his song Raising the Dead is semi-autobiographical, being about how his daughter reminds him of his father in some ways:

“My Dad died when I was 18, and that was quite a galvanising experience […] and there’s often an element of that in anything I’m writing; every big loss that you suffer in life, I think everything comes through the conduit of that. I had a really strong sense of my daughter having elements of my Dad when she came along, and it made me kind of laugh—that cyclical sense, of thinking of my daughter as my Dad”.

He sees his daughter as somehow “raising the dead” by raising the memory of his father, but he as a father is also “raising the dead” in a way, by raising this daughter who reminds him so much of his father.

It’s the kind of pondering of the strangeness of stuff that Julie Upmeyer and I have been circling in our Succession collaborative exchange. (One reason why this blog has been neglected).

Another is that I’ve been preparing for two talks – a keynote for a post-graduate conference run by Cardiff University and another as a visiting artist at the Burren College of Art’s Summer Academy. Sadly, due to COVID I won’t get back to the Burren, which is an extraordinary landscape and one that fascinates me. I’m sure that it will be a great three week experience for those who can. You can find out more at: phttps://www.burrencollege.ie/programmes/summer-academy/.