The return of Wild Conversations Press


The image above – Christine Baeumler’s Rannoch Moor (2013) – provides the cover for the book Invisible Scotland, edited by Mary Modeen and the most recent publication from Wild Conversations Press. The Press has been in something of a hiatus because of recent upheavals in my own life and I’m really excited about its return to ‘active service’. I hope people reading this will have a look at the new web site and, if you like the look of what we do and have blogs and web sites of your own, will feel able to make links to it (for the address see below). We now have good range of publications at very competitive prices and the new PayPal feature will make it a lot simpler for people to buy books from the Press and we hope will open up new possibilities in terms of what and how we publish.

The Press is a ‘not-for profit’ publishing co-operative and remains primarily concerned with supporting and publishing ‘inter-disciplinary’ – more accurately multi-constituency – and other creative work – particularly imaginative work that recognizes that traditional categories like ‘artist’, ‘inter-disciplinary’ and ‘academic’ all tend to limit our understanding of the rich complexities and productive tensions animating contemporary lived experience.

It specialises in publishing the outcomes of collaborative projects and acts as a distributor of catalogues and other material for individuals and groups linked to PLaCE International, LAND2 and Mapping Spectral Traces.

I originally set up Wild Conversations Press in Bristol in 1997 to facilitate the production and publication of collaboratively produced artists’ books. It became a co-operative in 2012 and the new web site is at

We hope to be adding additional feature – including a Graduate Student journal called OUTWITH – in the near future.