Waiting on the British public

Like everyone else, I’m waiting on the British public to see if they will blow the entire country out of the water by taking us out of the EU. My daughter Anna sent me this link today. It’s for a really good easy to follow video from an EU law expert at Liverpool university who is employed to fact check for the BBC and explain to them to government committees. As she points out, it goes into both how the EU works and what we have to re-negotiate worldwide if we leave and how much evidence there is that it is useful. As she says, it’s worth watching and sharing if you can.

While I wait I’ve been reading the first half of Dick Russell’s two-part biography of James Hillman – The Life and Ideas of James Hillman: Volume One The making of a Psychologist. It’s an extraordinary and inspiring story and I hope he finished and publishes the second half soon. Although I’m never sure how much of Hillman’s work I understand and only spoke with him once – he bought me a drink at the Watershed in bristol after I’d arrived late for a talk he did there – he’s been something of a mentor. I can highly recommend Russell’s book to anyone with an interest in ether the man himself or in the whole background to Archetypal / Polytheistic psychology.