Waiting on the vote

Avaaz has just informed me that:

“Today we could beat a record of the most people ever voting in Britain on one day!”

Well, I guess that would be a small good in itself, regardless of the outcome. And, again regardless of the outcomes, this whole business now reminds me of something I’ve just read in Ursula LeGuin’s wonderfully sparse yet compelling novel The Telling – which, like most of her work, I would highly recommend.

Towards the end of the book she has her main character – Sutty – say of her people (who are the inhabitants of the earth in some distant future) that their self-destructive adoption of a particular fundamentalist idea was a protest: “an assertion of our God-given right to be self-righteous, irrational fools in our own particularly bloody way and not in anybody else’s”. Somehow that says it all for me with regard to this whole referendum on the EU. It seems to be just that, an irrational protest that, if the exit camp wins out, will be profoundly damaging in almost every way, both to the British and to Europeans more widely.