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(Photo of Iain Biggs & Christine Beaumler: David Smith)



Bat of Minerva Minneapolis one-hour interview by Dr Peter Shea – http://ias.umn.edu/outcomes/the-bat-of-minerva/

Jane Bailey & Iain Biggs (2012) Either Side of Delphy Bridge’: a deep mapping project evoking and engaging the lives of older adults in rural North Cornwall’ in Journal of Rural Studies (guest editor Paul Milbourne) online publication 13 March 2012 http://dx.doi.org/10.1016/j.jrurstud.2012.01.001

‘Deep Mapping’: a brief introduction – available as a pdf at: http://www.sova.vt.edu/files/MST_Brochure_2010.pdf

Ruth Jones & Iain Biggs Holy Hiatus: Ritual and Community in Public Art (24th May ‘08)  http://vimeo.com/20478146

The search for the explicit self


From Between Carterhaugh and Tamshiel Rig: a borderline episode (2004)


Wild Things from the chimaerae verae – http://www.land2.uwe.ac.uk/essay19.htm

Bridges (editor Iain Biggs) a set of diverse visual images and texts

related to the word ‘bridge’ http://www.land2.uwe.ac.uk/bridges.htm

So Near [a conversation] So Far – http://www.land2.uwe.ac.uk/essay16.htm

Preoccupations and contexts ‘after landscape’ (with Judith Tucker) – http://www.land2.uwe.ac.uk/essay8.htm

Contained Histories (with David Walker-Barker)- http://www.land2.uwe.ac.uk/essay4.htm

Between the professional and the personal – http://www.land2.uwe.ac.uk/essay5.htm

Contested terms – rethinking ‘landscape’ and ‘nature’ – http://www.land2.uwe.ac.uk/essay1.htm

Iain Biggs & Antony Lyons at: WATER, WATER EVERYWHERE ~ Poems, Short Prose & Art  Saturday March 12th 2016 









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