Forthcoming – publications & projects

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Future Projects 

I am about to start a one month Visiting Fellowship at the Moore Institute at NUI, Galway, which I shall take in two or more ‘bites’.  I will use this to focus and advance current work on the themes of ‘translation’ and the neo-animism of Tim Ingold and Felix Guattari.

Future Publications    

 ‘From another place: notes on context’ for Louise Ravelli, Brian Paltridge, and Sue Starfield (eds) Doctoral Writing in the Creative and Performing Arts: the researcher/practitioner nexus. LondonLibri

Singing Across Thresholds, or: Notes on educating extra-academic and extra-disciplinary creative   practitioners’ for as yet untitled book James Elkins, University of Chicago (ed).

‘Beyond aestheticism and scientism: notes towards an “ecosophical” praxis’ in Brett Wilson, Barbara Hawkins, Stuart Sim (eds) Art, Science, and Cultural Understanding Champaign, Illinois: Common Ground Publishing, University of Illinois.

‘Deep mapping and rural connectivities’ (with Jane Bailey & Dan Buzzo) in C Hennessey, R Means & V Burholt (eds) Grey and Pleasant Land?: Older People’s Connectivity in Rural Community Life Bristol, Policy Press.

The last bee in the field (2009)

The last bee in the field