Art, and Science, and ……?

I was in London yesterday to give one of five short talks at Central St Martins as part of the London LASER series. (Our Chair was Barbara Hawkins, who organised the evening, her partner and co-founder of Project Dialogue the scientist Brett Wilson, together with four artists – Helen Pynor, Simon ReadShelley James and myself).  This was part of an international series of informal talks at the intersection of art, science and technology in association with Leonardo ISAST.

Apparently Initial feedback has been really positive. To our presenting a collection of talks covering a range of disciplinary perspectives and practices. (There was some tweeting, so if you use twitter search under the hashtag #LondonLASER to find comments and pictures). The event was recorded on video and the videos will go online in a week or two. I will let you know when they go live. They will be available in the archive section at

Going through my email this morning I noticed links to a couple of short films that struck me as resonating with the presiding spirit of our presentations the evening before. The first is a little talk: Blood sweat and ears: Musical pathways | Laura Veirs and Tucker Martine. I’ve been a bit of a fan of these two for years, hooked initially by Laura’s geologically informed songs on Carbon Glacier and Year of Meteors and Tucker’s work with her using unorthodox (from a folk/blues perspective) musicians and production work. 

The second film relates to the work of my friends Harriet Tarlo (poet and university teacher) and Judy Tucker (painter and university teacher). The filmmaker Annabel Court has made a short film about a place where they’ve been working together, which gives a context to their collaboration. This can be found at