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Book chapter ‘Notitia, trust, and “creative research”’ in Katja Hilevaara & Emily Orley (eds) 2018 The Creative Critics: Writing as/about Practice London & New York, Routledge.

Book chapter ‘Christine Baeumler’s Mycelial Art Practice’ in Colleen J. Sheehy (ed.) (2018) Pollinators at the Plains: Christine Baeumler’s Defiant Garden for the Plains North Dakota: Plains Art Museum. 


‘Re-Visioning “North” as an ecosophical context for creative practices’ in Timo Jokela & Glen Coutts (eds) 2017 Relate North: Culture, Community, and Communication Rovaniemi, Lapland University Press 


“’Incorrigibly plural’? Rural Lifeworlds Between Concept and Experience” Canadian Journal of Irish Studies Vol. 38 nos. 1-2 2015 pp. 260 – 279


 ‘Beyond aestheticism and scientism: notes towards an “ecosophical” praxis’ in Brett Wilson, Barbara Hawkins, Stuart Sim (eds) Art, Science, and Cultural Understanding Champaign, Illinois: Common Ground Publishing, University of Illinois.

‘From another place: notes on context’ for Louise Ravelli, Brian Paltridge, and Sue Starfield (eds) Doctoral Writing in the Creative and Performing Arts: the researcher/practitioner nexus. London:Libri

Singing Across Thresholds, or: Notes on educating extra-academic and extra-disciplinary creative practitioners’ in James Elkins Artists with PhDs: On the New Doctoral Degree in Studio Art New Academia Publishing, LLC; expanded edition


‘Deep mapping and rural connectivities’ (with Jane Bailey, Dan Buzzo & Sarah Blowen) in C Hennessey, R Means & V Burholt (eds) Grey and Pleasant Land?: Older People’s Connectivity in Rural Community Life Bristol, Policy Press.


Bailey, J & Biggs, I (2012) ‘Either Side of Delphy Bridge”: a deep mapping project evoking and engaging the lives of older adults in rural North Cornwall’ in Journal of Rural Studies (guest editor Paul Milbourne) online publication 13-MAR-2012 –

“The Southdean Project – essaying site as memory work” in Geography and Memory: Explorations in identity, place and becoming (2012) (eds Dr Owain Jones and Dr Joanne Garde-Hansen) Basingstoke, Palgrave MacMillan.

‘The Conversational Weave (another place)’ for exhibition by Andrea Thoma and Joyce Lyon: Dialogue in Place II, Form+Content Gallery in Minneapolis, February 9 -March17, 2012.

‘Antony Lyons’ Quantock Dreaming: Developing a ‘deep mapping’ practice’ in Tom Sowden (ed) (2012) Weatherproof / Quantock Dreaming Bristol: Wild Conversations Press.


‘The Spaces of “Deep Mapping”: a partial account’ in Journal of Arts and Communities Vol 2 No 1 (July 2011) pp.5-25.

Yvonne Buchheim & Iain Biggs  SAP (Song Archive Project) Bristol SAP Press ISBN 978-0-9570771-0-2


‘Essaying Place: Landscape, Music, and Memory (after Janet Wolff)’ – chapter in Process: Landscape and Text eds Adeline Johns-Putra & Catherine Brace (Amsterdam & New York, Rodopi 2010) ISBN-10: 9042030755

‘The Sowdun Project – testimonial imagination, Borders ballads, and the politics of (dis-) enchantment’ in Cultural Memory: Reformations of the past in the present and present in the past eds Malcolm Miles & Vardan Azatyan (2010) Plymouth, University of Plymouth Press ISBN 978-1-84102-253-6


‘Song and the presence of Absent Communities’ in Journal of Arts and Communities vol 1 no 1 pp. 7-23

Art as Research: Creative Practice and Academic Authority: A project-based examination of the politics of art-led research in a doctoral context VDM Verlag Dr. Muller Aktiengesellschaft & Co. KG


So Near [a conversation] So Far and Conversation: another contexttwo commissioned essays (in English & German) for two separate retrospective catalogues for the travelling exhibition So Nahe So Fern – So Near So Far (forthcoming: University of Leeds) – exhibitions in Ebersberg 21.10.07-11.11.07), Germany & London


‘Place, Enchantment, and “Visual Refrain”: a Context for Recent Book Work by Helen Douglas’ in The Blue Notebook vol 1 no 2 April 2007 pp. 12-21.

‘Bordering’ in Holly McLaren (ed) bordering: an art / geography collaboration (2007) London: Queen Mary, University of London


‘Recovering Landscape: an art between seeing and hearing’ in Journal of Visual Arts Practice vol. 5 no 1 & 2 2006


‘Towards a Polytheistic Relationship to Landscape: Issues for Contemporary Art’ in Landscape Research vol 30 no 1 pp. 5-22

Amanda Wood & Iain Biggs ‘Creative Practices and the “Stigma of the Therapeutic”: an issue for postgraduate pedagogy?’ Chapter Ten in Miles, M (ed) New Practices New Pedagogies: a Reader London and New York: Routledge pp. 117 – 131.

‘Unearthing Other Voices – a “polytheistic” approach to landscape’ in Surface: Land/Water and the Visual Arts (2005) Bristol: University of Plymouth Books in association with Intellect Books, pp. 10-27

Judith Tucker & Iain Biggs LAN2D – beyond landscape? Royal West of England Academy, Bristol

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“Educating ‘Local Cosmopolitans’: the case for a critical regionalism in art education?” in Journal of Visual Art Practice Vol. 1 No. 1 ISSN 1470-2029 pp. 16 – 24


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Ken Kiff’s Sequence. Editor and author (includes essays by Norbert Lynton and Martha Kapos). Bristol, MakingSpace Publications ISBN  1 900999 11 0,  24 full colour reproductions, 158 black and white illustrations, 119 pages.


“Translation and a ‘realism of the psyche’: the example of Ken Kiff – part two” in Drawing Fire Vol. 2. No. 3.  pp 45-53.


“Translation and a ‘realism of the psyche’: the example of Ken Kiff – part one” in Drawing Fire Vol. 2 No. 1. 36-4


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