Meeting Pauline O’Connell, announcing Invisible Scotland

Pauline O’Connell and I met yesterday to discuss her new project – I am acting as a mentor for its early stages. I’m very pleased to be able to do this (it would be great if ACE funded mentorships in this way) and am very much looking forward to seeing how the project – which concerns a publicly-owned field – plays out.

On Tuesday next week I fly to Edinburgh (again) in order to give a keynote talk on collaboration at a conference following up on an interesting ecological project called Steep Track. I am looking forward both to meeting Scottish artists and others working in this field and to catching up with Mary Modeen, who is also speaking at the conference, on all she is doing around the big Invisible Scotland event in Dundee at the beginning of August. This promises to be a really valuable international event. You can find information about it at