22 Postcards for Utopias Bach: postcard twelve.

A young poet

‘Like a strawberry plant, spreading and nurturing little seeds and offshoots: capacity building through sharing skills, ideas, events and resources’.


Kathleen Jamie’s poem Meadowsweet proposes an alternative interpretation of the traditional claim that ‘certain of the Gaelic poets were buried face down’. (See ‘Meadowsweet’ in Waterlight: Selected Poems p. 79). In the poem the body of the unnamed woman carries with it both liquids and flower seeds, generating the vegetative life that shows her how to return to the surface and there greet those who buried her: 

mouth young, and full again

of dirt and spit and poetry.

An interpretation I’d want to link to John Cage’s concern with transcendent experience where attention to the world dissolves the ego, where the world itself is the goal, this moment eternal.